• Performance Yoga Pants with NoSlip Grip

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Grip Where You Need It

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Progress vs Perfection

Our pants are built for the process: getting stronger, chasing your edge, and leveling up from wherever you are in your journey.

Psst... our Grip Pants are also super comfy and you'll look and feel good in the studio or with a kid on your hip. It's all yoga - We get it.  😘 

Love, love, love them!

They're my new favorite yoga pants! The fabric is luxurious but dries quickly and the silicone grips give me confidence when I work up a sweat.  The grips are also a great reminder of the muscles that need to be engaged in tough yoga poses. I can't say enough about how much I love them! 

Leila R.

Traction and Comfort

Uplevel pants are amazing! The grippy sides allowed me to hold my stretches in place without slipping on my matt. The waistband is very comfortable and the pants are lightweight and breathable. I did not feel super hot when I worked up a sweat. I think these pants will enhance yoga, pilates and barre practices.  No more slipping and sliding. Love the control!

Amanda W.

Dream pant...

Wearing Uplevel leggings is a yoga practitioner and teachers dream pant. Versatile, breathable with great ability to move and function on the mat.  It's a bonus to have leggings that are fun to wear and look great on! 

Christy C.

Magic Pants...

These Pants make you joyous and carefree and more flexible than you’ve ever been. And they make your butt look good too. 

Jill H.

Born From A Need

We created Uplevel out of a desire to focus more on the work we put into our practice, and less on the sweat pulling us out. Don't get us wrong, we're not afraid to sweat. And actually, that's what Uplevel is all about: the moments on the way to 'peak' performance, the slippery, frustrating, challenging, demanding and empowering path to success, whatever that means for you.

We're here for it: falling out and going a little further than last time. We hope Uplevel will make your sweaty, messy, beautiful ride as awesome as possible.

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