Our Values

  • Quality, ethically made apparel that's designed for your process in leveling up. 
  • We value progress over perfection. It's not about the peak pose, it's about getting there. 
  • We value kindness. To yourself, to others, to the planet.
  • We value lifting others up too. Nobody gets anywhere alone, we want our community to be the cheerleaders for you you never knew you needed.

Our Footprint

Our Grip Pant is produced in a Sri Lankan factory that maintains the highest standards of ethical and socially responsible garment manufacturing. Highly regulated by both Sri Lankan and International law, the garment manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka is regarded as one of the most ethical and socially responsible in the world, which is why we chose it. 


We're as much about quality apparel as we are about cheering each other on. We know first hand how tough it can be to be not only a founder of a small business, but a female founder at that. So we're curating a list of our favorite Female Founded Small Businesses and Female Entrepreneurs that need your support too.  You can check them all out here.   Interested in being a part of our UpLift initiative? Email us at uplift@uplevelathletics.com.