We make apparel for those who make an impact. Uplevel gear supports your process and the Uplevel brand and community supports you.

Meet Uplevel...

Uplevel is a female owned and operated brand that was sparked by a need and born in Southern California. For Uplevel, it's not about the goal, it's about getting there. It's about the process of building confidence, chasing your edge, and pushing to the next level. 

More than three years of research and development went into Uplevel before officially launching in 2020. We’re maniacal about the quality, fit, and function of our products and spent countless hours perfecting them. We handpick the top of the line manufacturers that we work with based on their high ethical standards and sustainability efforts. We’re always dreaming up the next style or product that helps you chase your edge, even when, and especially when you need to give your ‘edge’ a rest. We get it, we’re with you. 

Welcome to Uplevel, our promise to you is to build a positive empowering community, to continue to be forward thinking, conscious of the environment and to bring you the top of the line products that you always wished existed.